Crossing Over a Success in Nebraska

By: Stephanie Salzman

September 19, 2013


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Deb and Steph photo - Lied Center photoThe ASCAP New Musical Workshop Grow A Show Festival the week of September 9 was a great success for Deborah Brevoort and me and our musical, Crossing Over. Check out some of the photos and press, including an article in the Journal Star where our musical was selected to be spotlighted. The rehearsals were amazing. Deb and I were able to make some great changes and the fabulous cast directed by Becky Boesen was able to deal with all we threw at them – and throw we did!

Deb and I were inspired and still working on further changes and additions. We now see the end of the tunnel towards a very solid 3rd draft. All of this Lincoln action (coincidentally located in Lancaster County, Nebraska whereas our musical is located in Lancaster, PA!) is thanks to ASCAP’s Michael Kerker, Alisa Belflower who did an amazing casting job, Petra Wahlqvist who did a massive creative and organizational job, our director Becky Boesen and the incredible team, music directors, etc. and talented cast. It was a fabulously creative experience for Deb and I and we are so excited about where this experience has taken us! There was press you can look at:

Far from Broadway, shows get chance to grow in Lincoln

Becky Boesen, Tyler Hale, Deb and me at the Lied Center in Lincoln NebraskaAnd there is a video/movie being made about the entire festival. All of your support and the USA artists recording budget helped us along the way – many thanks! And more to come soon!

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