Vocal Coaching

 Power Pitch Music Studio

Are you an aspiring singer or singer/songwriter?

Do you want to learn how to write your own material?

Do you need a vocal coach that covers a range of musical styles…

  • Pop / R&B
  • Musical Theater
  • Film & TV
  • Classical/Traditional/Folk


Power Pitch’s vocal coaching will help you manage all aspects of your singing career…

  • Vocal and performance prep for professional auditions, specialized high school auditions, talent competitions, etc.
  • Performing in front of audiences – intimate or large
  • Preparing for demos
  • Writing songs that fit your vocal style
  • Boosting general confidence in work and personal life to achieve goals


There is a huge pop musical flavor to today’s musicals, TV singing shows, etc. Musical theater singers must be able to sing in pop as well as musical theater styles and pop singers must also train in musical theater to expand career horizons.

With years of training and experience in both pop and musical theater styles, Power Pitch Music Studios is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap and work with aspiring pop and musical theater singers and experienced songwriters. Power Pitch Music Studios is happy to meet and consult with beginner singers/artists who are willing to make the necessary commitment to work and train.

Power Pitch Music Studio is located very conveniently on the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City. Access to all public transportation and parking. Rates are $140 an hour. This fee includes a separate pianist to ensure complete attention of coach to student!

Contact us to start or boost your music career.



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